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The progressive movement has the chance of a lifetime to defeat Donald Trump and elect a truly transformational progressive leader President of the United States.

With multiple progressive candidates competing against neoliberal, corporate and billionaire Democrats, our movement must be strategic as we fight to win caucuses and primaries and elect candidate delegates in state conventions to ensure a progressive wins the nomination and then the general election.

Step One: Sign the Unite pledge

Step Two: Download the Strategic Voting Guide for the Iowa Caucus

Step Three: Show up to your Iowa caucus location on Monday, February 3rd

Step Four: Don’t leave until a progressive wins your caucus location

Not an Iowa voter? Those who sign this pledge will receive a strategic plan for your state!

FACT: There are many progressive candidates, policies and ideas in the race for President and every single Democrat running would be far better than Donald Trump.
FACT: There are big differences between all the candidates, and a Democrat backed by the corporate wing of the party could win the nomination.

Sign the Pledge

We pledge to make our case to the American people on why our chosen candidate is the best choice to defeat Trump.

We pledge to focus our fight for the nomination against candidates supported by the corporate wing, instead of fighting each other.

We pledge to come together in state caucuses, primaries and conventions from the first vote in Iowa to the last vote at the DNC Convention in Wisconsin to ensure a progressive wins the nomination and America elects a Progressive President!

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Download the Strategic Voting Guide for the Iowa Caucus

Unite for a progressive president and work together to win



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